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Schroefdraad borgmiddel extra sterk Liqui Moly

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Schroefdraad borgmiddel extra sterk Liqui Moly

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Liqui Moly schroefdraad borgmiddel extra sterk

Inhoud: 10 ml

  • Een rode anaërobe hars voor het borgen van bouten, lagers en tapeinden met hoge sterkte.
  • Zwaar demontabel.
  • Voor zwaarbelaste schroefdraadverbindingen.
  • Temperatuurbereik: -55°C tot +150°C.
  • Handvast: 30 min.

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

€ 9,80

Liqui Moly borgmiddel extra sterk

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A high strength, anaerobic thread-locking material that cures between
engaged threads to form a unitized assembly that resists leakage, shock and vibration. Anaerobic products
lock, retain and seal; stops leaking, loosening and corrosion. Eliminates nuts and bolts from coming loose
due to vibration, helps prevent threads from rusting and cures without cracking or shrinking.

WORKS BEST ON: Use on threaded connections where frequent disassembly is not required.
Uses: Engine bolts and fittings, transmissions, starters, power steering, door handles, air conditioning
units, dash panels, heavy duty power tools, frame bolts, idler bearing, press fit filter tubes, shock absorber
bolts, ring gear bolts, cylinder block studs, crank shaft bolts, recreation equipment and wherever else you
want parts to stay together. Not recommended for use on plastic.

Tensile Strength: 3000 psi
Color: Red
Working Time: 10-20 minutes
Can be Handled In: 15 minutes
Full Bond: 24 hours
Temperature Range: -65ºF to +300ºF
Chemical Solvent Resistance: Automotive fluids such as motor oil, gasoline, brake fluids, transmission
fluids, grease, alcohol, water and antifreeze mixtures
Storage: Store in a cool, dry environment in unopened container.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Thoroughly clean all surfaces (threads; bolt and hole) of grease, oil, traces
of paint, dust, etc. with a cleaning solvent and allow to dry.

Before Cure: Use a soluble cleaner to remove threadlocker that has seeped out of the threaded
After Cure: Apply localized heat to nut or bolt to approximately 400ºF. Disassemble while hot.
Disassemble with standard hand tools.

HELPFUL HINTS: Anaerobics cure (harden) in the absence of air. As long as air is present the products
remain liquid. When anaerobic products are confined between close fitting metal parts and air is evacuated,
they harden.